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Diabetes (part 1)


Diabetes (part 1) AHHHHH!!!  My doctor just told me I have diabetes!  What does that mean?  What can I do? Take a breath.  This is a heavy diagnosis, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world.  There are lots of ways to help you live a long, rewarding life.  The first step […]

Diabetes (part 2)

Glucometer on blue background. World Diabetes day

Diabetes (part 2) Ok, well that was completely confusing.  I thought you were going to make this easy!  What I get is that there is sugar in my blood, which is bad, and Diabetes is bad because my blood sugar is too high.  I don’t quite get the how though. Understanding Diabetes, almost all versions, […]

Diabetes Type What?


Diabetes Type What?   Ok, so we got through all the science going on in my body explaining what could be going on.   So what?  That doesn’t tell me what my doctor meant.  What does Type 2 mean?  What about Type 1?  How do I know what I have? Your provider probably told you which […]