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Clinic Closed- Effective 4/24/24

Due to economic down turn in the healthcare industry we are forced to close.

Below you can find recommended practices for you to call for assistance:

Mental Health:
Judy Wagga, PMHNP- Faith Health Center- 918-876-0606

Dayana Arteaga, DO- Lighthouse Psychiatry- 918-850-9488

Primary Care:
Homestead Medical Clinic Glenpool, OK - 918-224-7305

918 Family Wellness- Owasso, OK - 918-401-4770

Or you may call your insurance to get recommendations. You may request your records over the next 90 days by calling the office and leaving a voicemail with the patient’s name, DOB and who the records will need to be faxed to.

We want to be your medical home for patient-centered healthcare. Hablamos español!

About Us

We want to be your medical home for patient-centered healthcare. As a family practice that focuses on a continuity of care as the center of our values, we want to invite your family to join ours as we offer you comprehensive care for all ages.

Our Mission

We offer a broad scope of medical services including pediatric care ages 3+, dermatology, adult medicine, geriatric medicine, comprehensive physical, sports medicine, and women’s health care and mental health. All these aspects work together to provide you with true continuity.

Hablamos español!

You may call today to make an appointment with our medical or mental health providers. You can reach us at 918-398-9663.

In-Office Medical IV Therapy

Iron infusions are prescribed to help with iron deficiency anemia.

  • Symptoms of iron deficiency include: fatigue, dizziness, weakness, paleness, palpitations, headaches, nail changes and Pica
  • Who may suffer from Iron deficiency: menstruating woman, postpartum women, pregnant women, vegetarians, or those who have an intolerance or failure of oral iron supplements, stomach ulcers, ESRD and IBS.
  • Treatments are conducted with intravenous (IV) iron biweekly or weekly for 4 weeks.


Myers’ Cocktail

Myers’ cocktail may be benefit patients who:  

  • Suffer from low energy 
  • Perform athletic exercises 
  • Suffer from chronic fatigue  
  • Require intravenous hydration   
  • Seek relief from hangover or withdrawal symptoms
  • Suffer from depression or anxiety 


According to Myers’ cocktail studies and reviews, since the cocktails are made of vitamins and minerals, they tend to be well tolerated by many patients. Since treatment is administered intravenously vs. passing the digestive system, higher concentrations of the vitamins are more easily absorbed and thus bioavailable to the body.   

Weight Loss Clinic


• Drug used for weight management in obese or overweight adults as a weight loss program
• Helps slow digestion
• Reduces appetite
• Stabilizes blood sugar and energy
• A shot once a week
• People on average lose 2 lbs per week
• Includes initial consult with FP Nurse Practioner to discuss your weight loss & maintenance goals
• Results may vary from person to person


Starting at $150 per month


Checking in was a breeze! Girls are super friendly! Dr. Kirk is just amazing and great at finding the problems!! Thanks!
Marie Colvin
Marie Colvin
They listen to your needs Don't judge anyone.Best personnel just all around good service.I strongly recommend anyone that needs a caring doctor to First Priority.👍👍
Allen Dean
Allen Dean
Great experience from front desk staff to Dr Kirk was amazing!
Melissa H
Melissa H
Raven Arnold is incredible. She doesn’t rush you at all, she displays genuine and enthusiastic empathy which is honestly so hard to come by in the medical field. She’s the first person to see all of my problems as a whole picture and was able to give me answers that I’ve struggled to find my whole life. Her knowledge and care is worth it and I would highly recommend
Ashlyn Lawson
Ashlyn Lawson

You may call today to make an appointment with our medical or mental health providers. You can reach us at 918-398-9663.

Patient Portal

A Patient Portal is a HIPAA compliant, secure, all-in-one personal 24/7 anywhere, anytime health record that you can access via a computer, smart phone or smart pad that lets you check your personal records, view past test and lab results, send and receive secure messages, request appointments, and request Rx refills. You will be given information on how to join the portal at your office visit. Our Portal is called Patient Portal.
Working with patient in clinic