We want to be your medical home for patient-centered healthcare. As a family practice that focuses on a continuity of care as the center of our values, we want to invite your family to join ours as we offer you comprehensive care for all ages.

You may call today to make an appointment with our medical or mental health providers.

You can reach us at 918-398-9663.


So you finally got your at-home Covid tests. Now you’re sick and your boss requires proof you actually have Covid. So you take your test, even take a picture of the result, and send it in. But your boss won’t accept it. They say it has to be done by an actual healthcare provider. What good are these home tests if no one will accept the results?!That’s where we come in. You already have the test. We have the qualified staff you need. How about our healthcare team proves your test is legitimate? We watch you swab yourself, perform the test, let it go the right amount of time, and read it correctly, all using your phone or other device. Then we can print out your results and you have official proof of Covid. Boom!

If you need a Covid test done by a trained healthcare professional but you want to use your home test, give us a call 918-398-9663. For $15, we can provide official results without you having to leave your home! REMEMBER we are a family practice clinic and can see you in office as well; just call and make an appointment.

The health and safety of our patients and staff is our top priority.

Patient Portal

A Patient Portal is a HIPAA compliant, secure, all-in-one personal 24/7 anywhere, anytime health record that you can access via a computer, smart phone or smart pad that lets you check your personal records, view past test and lab results, send and receive secure messages, request appointments, and request Rx refills. You will be given information on how to join the portal at your office visit. Our Portal is called Patient Portal.

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