Insurance Plans as of 10/05/2021
Below is a list of the current insurance plans that we are credentialing with to become a provider. This list will be updated with effective dates as we are notified of them. It is imperative that you contact your insurance plan to verify that we participate in you specific plan. Your selection, your employer or the insurance company may have many variables that determine if we are on your plan or not. The only way for you to know for certain, is to verify with your insurance plan.
Employer Sponsored Plans
AETNA – ALL PRODUCTSEffective 9/1/22 (Medical only)
Ambetter- Effective 1/1/22 (Medical and Mental)
Blue Cross Blue Shield – ALL PRODUCTSEffective 5/1/21 (Medical and Mental)
Cigna – ALL PRODUCTSEffective 3/1/2021 (Medical) Effective 5/5/21 (Mental)
Friday HealthplanEffective 4/1/2021 (Medical only)
Healthcare Solutions GroupEffective 3/1/2021 (Medical and Mental)
HealthchoiceEffective 3/1/2021 (Medical and Mental)
HumanaEffective 6/1/21 (Medical and Mental)
MedicaidEffective 3/1/2021 (Medical Only)
Tricare Standard (not part of Tricare Prime)- Effective 4/20/21 (Medical and Mental)
Oklahoma CompleteEffective 10/1/21 (Medical and Mental)
United Healthcare – ALL PRODUCTSEffective 3/1/2021 (Medical) Effective 5/4/2021 (Mental)
UMR-Effective 3/1/2021 (Medical) Effective 5/4/2021 (Mental)
Wellcare Health- Effective 10/1/21 (Medical and Mental)
VA- Effective 11/1/21 (Medical and Mental)
Medicare Plans including Medicare Advantage Plans (Medical ONLY)
Medicare Standard:
Medicare Part BEffective 3/1/21 (Medical services only)
Medicare RailroadEffective 3/1/21 (Medical services only)

Our office accepts all supplemental plans secondary to Medicare.

Medicare Advantage:
Aetna Medicare – HMO/PPO/PRIME
Blue Cross Blue Shield – PPO- Effective 5/1/21 (Medical and Mental)
Care Improvement Plus Medicare- PPOEffective 3/1/21 (Medical)
HumanaEffective 5/1/21 (Medical and Mental)
United Healthcare Medicare – HMO and PPOEffective 3/1/21 (Medical)
UHC HMO-product name AARP Medicare Complete (we must be PCP)
UHC PPO-product name Medicare Solutions- Effective 3/1/21 (Medical)
We have provided as many direct links to your providers as possible. If your provider does not have a link from our website, please contact your provider directly, or call us at 918-398-9663 for assistance.

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