So you have a rash.  What does it mean?  Should you be worried?  Is it contagious?  Are you even really sick? 

These and many other questions circle through your head!  A common rash is eczema. This is usually an area of raised up, scaly, super dry skin.  It can be itchy or hurt or nothing at all, but it bleeds if you scratch it.  Eczema can be treated at home, often with over-the-counter creams and tips from your provider.  Sometimes it is stubborn and requires prescription ointments, but we can figure it out together.  Some rashes are bumpy, like the tiny baby pimples of newborns.  These can be disturbing for new moms and dads, but they are harmless. 

As people start camping, we start seeing more and more poison ivy and poison oak rashes.  Those are so distressing for everyone involved.  They are itchy or burning, and they spread to everything a person touches, including other people!  But there are other rashes that look like poison ivy, so if you aren’t sure, it’s best to get it looked at.  So come by and meet your friendly provider at First Priority Medical Clinic today!